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Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation Center

Here at Sanjiu we make it our goal to help you in your time of need. Understanding your requirements after a traumatic accident is something that we consider to be of utmost importance. Our highly trained staffs of accredited physicians and specialists are here to help you get back on your feet, with the confidence and enjoyment of a pain-free lifestyle.

Our spacious 7,000sq/ft facilities focus on complete rehabilitation of the mind and body, as a whole, offering you modern equipment and staff highly attuned to your needs. Through collaboration with local legal partners, we present you with a plethora of options to take those first steps into feeling better and regaining your financial stability. As well, our MVA Rehabilitation programs are covered by OHIP, either offsetting, or in many cases offering full coverage of our services. Sanjiu also offers a free comprehensive MVA benefits package, along with tailored transportation services to meet your requirements.

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- Shoulder and Elbow pain
- Lower Back pain
- Knee pain
- Neck and Upper Back pain
- Sports Injuries
- Arthritis
- Headaches


Featured Services:

- Worker's Compensation assessment
- Rehabilitation room (fitted with cardinal and aerobic equipment)
- Registered TuiNa and Shiatsu massage therapists
- Pain management therapy
- Multi-lingual specialists and physicians
- Custom Orthotics

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