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Accident Benefit& Legal Right

Know Your Rights

- Save Time & Money

- Many Languages to serve you better

- Easy to understand guidance

- Get the Most for your Claim

What Paralegal Do?

Many law firms and paralegal specializes in representing people injured in motor vehicle accidents. They represent you to negotiate out of court settlements with Insurance Companies.

Their experienced staff will:

1. Educate you as to your right to claim money against the Insurance Company that is responsible to pay.

2. Prepare and/or attend to the submission of applications, certificates, and treatment plans necessary to protect your right to claim up to $172,000 for medical rehabilitation and attendant care benefits.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

In most cases you do not need a lawyer. The paralegal have the experience to negotiate a good out of court settlement for your claims, however, should you require the services of a personal injury litigation lawyer because of special circumstances we will advise you of this and recommend a law firm who will fight on your behalf.



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