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Conquer the cancer

It is the biggest challenge in your life and a personal battle against Cancer
To flight against cancer is like fighting a battle - needs good planning & preparation.

The following is the check list enables you to have good weapons to conquer this terrible enemy, cancer

Cancer is a terrible disease, but most cases are curable if detected early.
The key is to strengthen your body's immunity to withstand tough treatments and guard against relapse of the disease.

The best results against Cancer are obtained by suitable combination of treatment with proper diet, life style, and body exercise.
The approach is simple, do the right things to change the body's internal balance to contain and stop the growth of the tumor, ultimately killing it.

Key points to win

  • Psychological adaptation and confidence so that you can stay calm
  • Courage to face the challenge
  • Treatment to fight back
  • Life style & Food to go hand in revitalizing the body's immune system and energy fields -- a patient's diet and life style must align with medications
  • Support and understanding from family members, and your appreciating their support, love and effort

Support and understanding from family members, and your appreciating their support, love and effort is the most important key factor to win the battle

The Battle has four stages

  1. Preparation
  2. Treatment
  3. Recovery
  4. Prevention

Never give up the hope of recovery. Nowadays, most cancers are curable. Your family, friends and practitioners are behind you to win the battle. Chinese Medicine is able to help you to strengthen your body to flight against this disease. Just take up your courage and follow the following steps. You will finally win.


Accurate diagnosis

  1. Repeat the tests and seek a second opinion
  2. Once confirmed, trust your practitioner

Select appropriate treatment

  1. Discuss in detail with your practitioners
  2. Collect information by yourself from different sources such as Internet, books, support groups, etc.
  3. Do not avoid treatment and do not engage in uncertain alternative treatments
  4. Discuss with family

Have faith in your family's support

  1. Trust your family members
  2. Do not panic, keep clam and control your temper
  3. Share your feeling with them
  4. Keep active and good mood

Preparation before treatment

  1. Prepare physically and psychologically Arrange your work and responsibility
  2. Arrange your family activities
  3. Arrangement your finance
  4. Ask your practitioner about the potential benefit from other
    complimentary treatment such as Traditional Chinese


Trust your practitioner and treatment

  1. Anticipate the treatment to be appropriate and effective, and trust your practitioner
  2. Do not hesitate to ask your practitioners any questions

Complete the treatment

  1. Even the treatment is painful and long, you must insist to
    complete the treatment.
  2. Never stop the treatment unless so advised by your practitioners

Support your family

  1. Trust your family members
  2. Do not panic, stay calm and pleasant, control your temper
  3. Acknowledge their support; show gratitude for their support, love and care
  4. Share your feeling with them, and be sensitive to their feeling

Keep yourself strong

  1. Pay attention to your meals and nutrition
  2. Have sufficient rest
  3. Stay reasonably active in exercise
  4. Keep calm and keep up your mood

Don't take any other medicine

  1. Don't take other medication unless approved by the practitioner
  2. Discuss with practitioner on the use of Chinese medicine to reduce side effect of medication and treatment.

Accept help

  1. Don't feel shameful for relying on help from other people or support groups
  2. Join programs from Government, support group and other organizations.(For example Trillium drug plan in Ontario)

    Ontario Trillium drug plan
    * The premium is only 5% of your annual income
    * No income restriction
    * Very easy and convenient to apply
    Support Groups and Community Assistance
    *Transportation to the hospital for treatment
    * Home care and assistance
    * Information
    * Child care

Diet and Life style

  1. Food influences the body's energy fields. A patient's diet must align with medication. A proper diet and life style will improve the body's immune system and strengthened the body.
  2. They can change the body's internal balance and help cure the tumor.

Relax, Keep yourself comfortable and peace-of-mind. Always think positively. Keep good diet and life style. BUT Always keep alert in the recovery stage


Resume normal life

  1. No hurry, keep patient and calm. Resume your normal life gradually.
  2. Keep your strength & energy. Do not overload; have more rest.


  1. Do appropriate exercise every day according to your energy level and capability
  2. Consider Chinese therapeutic exercise: TaiChi & QiGong may speed up recover.


  1. You are the only one who knows your body well. Note and
    pay attention to any changes and anomalies in your body.

Close contact with practitioners

  1. Keep the appointments with practitioners
  2. Tell the practitioners your concerns and ask them for advice


Diet and life style

  1. Food can protect, keep or upset the balance of our body.
  2. Proper diet and life style are most essential in preventing relapse of cancer

Resume normal life and work

  1. Do not use all your energy and strength. Always only use 70%


  1. When the battle is over, stay relaxed, and do some traveling
  2. Enjoy your life, stay with the family
  3. Your brain is a wonderful organ which has great strength and power to merge with our mind and body

Stay happy

  1. Help other people, contribute to community. Helping brings happiness. o Stay positive and practice active thinking
  2. Look at the brighter side of things
  3. Learn from wise and ancient philosophers
  4. Stay confident, never yield to hardship


  1. Do exercise every day at least for 30 minutes.
  2. Select appropriate exercise suitable to your energy
  3. Chinese TaiChi and QiGong are good exercises for most people

Stay alert

  1. Do not miss the practitioner's appointment
  2. Take annual complete body checkup
  3. Note the changes and anomalies in your body
  4. Tell your practitioner any concern you may have

Principles of TCM's Preventives

  1. Regulating psychological state, free from avarice
  2. Proper diet, eat regularly at right time in proper proportions with hygienic eating habits
  3. Proper and regular living habits, sleep, avoid overexertion
  4. Physical exercise
  5. Avoiding attack of pathogenic factors
  6. Early treatment, prevent transmission and change

Suggested Day-to-day Diet for cancer patients from TCM's perspective

  1. Take mushrooms, whole-grain products, beans, fresh vegetables which are proven goodies for the immune system.
  2. Eat plain, consume less salt, sugar, and avoid hot and sour, spicy, and cold food and drinks
  3. Do not smoke and avoid alcohol
  4. Chinese herbal food may enhance the body self-defense system and strengthen the body.

Ancient philosophers' wisdom in life enrichment and longevity

  1. Cherish no worries and stay away from fame and gain.
  2. Restore the pure and innocent nature
  3. Harmonize with nature
  4. Cherish mild character
  5. Train the mind to remove depression

From TCM perspective, your emotion may upset your organs

Your health is in your own hands
Enjoy a healthy, happy & prosperous life.

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