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Cancer Chinese Medicine Preventive Maintenance Program

We congratulate that your successful won the battle of fighting this terrible disease.

During the treatment, most cancer cells were killed and at the same time, healthy cells were killed as well. Some organs in your body might be damaged as well. It is good for you to enhance your immune system and strengthen your body to prevent the coming back of the disease.

Join our Preventive Maintenance Program to prevent the coming back of the disease. We shall regularly carry out a complete evaluation and a through examination with the patient in TCM ways. We also give solid recommendations and advice about your life style, and medication.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has 5000 years of history and has proved to be effective in treating a number of illnesses especially for the prevention and strength the body. Many researches worldwide indicate that the best approach to prevent the coming back of the cancer by Traditional Chinese Medicine, with the patient pursuing a suitable diet, and therapeutic exercise. Furthermore, the philosophy behind Traditional Chinese medicine may relieve the anxiety of the patient.

Herbal therapies are good for prevention the coming back of the disease
One result is the routine use of Fu Zhen therapy, an immune-enhancing herbal regimen, as an adjunct to chemotherapy and radiation. Fu Zhen therapy is reported to protect the immune system from damage and to increase survival rates, sometimes dramatically, when used in conjunction with the modern western Cancer therapies. The principal Fu Zhen herbs ( astragalus, ligustrum, ginseng, codonopsis, atractylodes, and ganoderma) strengthen the body's nonspecific immunity and increase the functions of the T-cells.

Herbal antitoxin therapies, also regularly used, contain many herbs that have been found to inhibit tumor growth by a variety of mechanisms. Kelp and pokeroot are among the herbs known to dissolve tumors in Chinese herbal therapy.

Sanjiu Medical Center provides a modern, comfortable and spacious location for patients, featuring an operating space of more than 5,000 square feet with modern facilities to accommodate six highly qualified and experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. Sanjiu Medical Center is in the forefront of the modernization of Chinese medicine. It has strong desire and commitment to showcasing the best of modernized Traditional Chinese Medicine in the prevention and treatment of this disease.

When seeking a practitioner who practices Oriental medicine, Cancer patients need to be aware of what practitioners can do and what patients can learn to do for themselves. Our Chinese Medicine practitioners, all of them were graduated in China University. They held master degrees and doctorate degrees and they are trained both in modern western medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine. They are attempting to integrate Traditional Chinese medicine with the chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery therapies. We focus also on the recovery after the western cancer therapies.

We are trying our best and devote wholeheartedly to help the patients to overcome and fight the battle, to overcome the side effect of the western medicine cancer therapies and to help them have a good quality of life during and after the treatment process.

The Chinese Medicine treatments
The treatment provided by Sanjiu includes herbal medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, diet (food management) and therapeutic exercise. Sanjiu uses herbal extracts for treatment which is safe, effective, clean and convenient to patients.

Preventive maintenance treatment by Traditional Chinese Medicine

The features of the program is:

1. Conventional western medicine is always the essential treatment for treating cancers. Western medicine plays the major role and Chinese Traditional Medicine plays the supporting and supplementary role in the process. The patient is asked to discuss with his/her family doctor and your health care team before you take part in this program.

2. The main function of the program:.
a. To minimize the side effect of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.
b. To enhance the immune system and strengthen your body to prevent the coming back of the disease.
c. To provide option for Chinese medicine therapeutic exercise - Qigong and TaiChi

3. How the program is conducted

a. Our Chinese Medicine practitioner will carry out a complete evaluation and a through examination with the patient.
b. The Chinese Medicine practitioner will give a solid recommendation about the life style, medication and treatments for the prevention.
c. A monthly visit will be arranged so that the patient will see our Chinese Medicine practitioner once a month.
d. During each visit, the Chinese Medicine practitioner will review and give recommendations to the patients

The patients do not have to worry about the fee. We charge a most reasonable consultation fee. The herbal tea is also very affordable, normally few dollars per day. We have programs to reduce the fee to help whose can not afford.

Please call 416-497-6339 or e-mail for detail information of the program and make a appointment


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