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Can Chinese Medicne Cure Cancer ?

Western medicine should be the major role for treating cancer because of the diagnoses and technology is more advance and the capability of killing cancer cell is much effective and powerful.

However, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery kill the cancer cell but at the same time kill the healthy cells. The treatments also have a lot of side effect and the immune system of the patient is greatly reduced during the treatment process. Many cancer patients were not kill by cancer diseases, but were killed by the implication by other diseases.


Chinese Medicine is natural and holistic. It is good for prevention and increase of engergy. Chinese medicine is particular effective in promote the immune system and strengthen the body to flight against cancer as well as to minimize the side effects of the hash treatment of western medicine. Using Chinese medicine can improve the quality of life during the recovery and can prevent the coming- back of the cancer after it is cured.

The best approach to fight against Cancer are obtained by means of a joint treatment combining Western medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine, with the patient pursuing a suitable diet and therapeutic exercise.

Food therapy is also an important factor to the recovery. Chinese food therapy is a practice of healing and wellness using natural foods instead of medications. It is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as Chinese Nutrition therapy. When consulting a Chinese medicine, a patient will receive advice and suggestion what food is good for them or which food are not good for their health.

In conclusion, a cancer patent should use western medicine as primary treatment method for the killing of cancer cells. It is strongly recommended that Chinese medicine should be used together for the best result and strengthening the immune system and the prevention coming- back of the disease after the disease is cured.

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