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Treatment Schedule and Fee

Chinese medicine plays two role in the treatment of Cancer

1. Supporting treatment to minimize the side effect of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.
2. Enhance the immune system to withstand the hash treatments of western medicine.
3. Strengthen the body and improve the quality of life during the recovery and prevent the coming- back of the cancer.

The process of treatment is recommended as following:

1. During chemotherapy and radiation - Regularly see the Chinese practitioner at the same time with the western medicine treatment.
2. One week before the surgery - Stop any treatments especially stop taking any herbal medicine.
3. Two weeks after the surgery - Regularly see the Chinese Medicine practitioner to improve the quality of life, strength the body and immune system.
4. Recovery - Regularly see the Chinese Medicine practitioner to seek the advice for food therapy and the suitable life style.
5. Prevention- See the practitioner regularly for advice for food therapy and the suitable life style. Work with the Chinese medicine practitioner to monitor the life style and the health situation of the

Schedule of visit:

1. During western medicine period - once a week
2. Recovery period - Once a week.
3. Prevention- Once a month.


The patients do not have to worry about the fee. Sanjiu charges a most reasonable consultation fee (nominate not more than $20 per visit). The herbal tea is also very affordable, normally few dollars per day. We have programs to reduce the fee to help whose can not afford.


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