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How long it will take for the treatment of infertility



You must has some patience and trust in treating infertility by using Chinese Medicine

It takes times to treat infertility. As we have mentioned before, Traditional Chinese Medicine uses "WHOLE BODY" approach to treat infertility. It takes little time gradually to improve the condition of the patient.

The patient also required co-operating with the practitioner to change the life and eating habit in order that the optimum result is achieved.

Normally, our practitioner will first try 2 treating cycles. Each cycle is one menstruation period. It is hopefully that the patient is able to get pregnant after the 2 cycles. More cycles may be required. If 5 cycles have finished and the patient does not get pregnant, the treatment will be treated as unsuccessful.

The practitioner will work together with the patient to review the situation all the time during the treatment process in order that the treatment is successful.

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