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What is insomnia?

Insomnia is the inability to get "enough" sleep. People who suffer from insomnia do not get enough quality sleep to feel rested the next day.

It Includes difficulty falling asleep, maintaining continuous sleep disorders, early awakening, difficulty falling asleep again, resulting in decreased physical function during the day, usually after wake up tired, reduce daytime alertness, energy, cognitive and behavioral aspects of emotional dysfunction, thereby reducing the quality of life.

In the accelerated pace of life in the modern city, insomnia is very often. Many patients with a variety of ways without obtaining effective against insomnia. Some people prefer to use drugs for treatment, while others do nothing. In fact, very often, insomnia is caused by psychological factors.

We spend 1 / 3 of our the time in sleeping. A good and sound sleep is a good enjoyment. Sleep quality is directly related to the health and quality of life. Insomnia can cause excessive daytime sleepiness and a lack of energy. It also can make you feel anxious, depressed, or irritable

The cause of Insomnia

Insomnia usually has an underlying cause. The common causes of insomnia include stress caused by work, family life, death or illness, pain from arthritis of other medical conditions , anxiety or depression, medical conditions , medications , caffeine and alcohol, not being active enough during the day, poor sleep habits, shift work, sleep problems such as sleep apnea,

In fact, insomnia is very often caused by psychological factors.

How to diagnose Insomnia?

Insomnia is a symptom. In order to have the treatment, the practitioner has to find out what is the cause. He will want to know what your sleep pattern is and how tightly you stick to the same schedule. In most cases, the causes can be quickly diagnosed

For some special cases, your practitioner may refer you to a specialized sleep disorder clinic that offers diagnostic tests for insomnia such as overnight polysomnography.

Most of the patients suffer from the following conditions:

1. Difficulty falling asleep, until the middle of the night.
2. Sleep restless, frequent and very easily awakened, often a nightmare.
3. Frequent wake up in the midnight and cannot sleep again.

Treating Insomnia in Western medicine

There is no specific treatment for insomnia in western medicine except the sleeping pills.

Many patients used to take sleeping pills to treat insomnia. Patients who habitually taking sleeping pills will depend on the medication and the dosage will increase gradually. Long-term using of sleeping pills will cause a lot of side effects

How Traditional Chinese Medicine treat insomnia

The treatment of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) have different approaches to insomniay.Please click on the left to understand the theory of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia and methods

How to treat insomnia by your own

  • To work out a regular bedtime routine.
  • Try to avoid to use the bedroom for daytime activities - just for and sleep and intimacy.
  • Avoid to drink coffee or other alcohol before going to bed.
  • Try not to smoke in the evening
  • Try to not thinking about your day work or other stressful matters - read a book or see TV for a small while if this helps reduce stress.
  • Learn to replace worrying thoughts about sleep with more positive ones.
  • Go to bed at the same time every night, even on weekends.
  • If you have a back disorder, try to make yourself comfortable by using pillows and other methods.
  • Keep the bedroom dark, quiet, and not too warm - However, white noise devices can help drown out traffic sounds or a partner's snoring.
  • Drink warm milk or have a warm bath before bed. Soap your feet in warm water is good.
  • Exercise during the day - if exercising before bed keeps you up, then exercise earlier.
  • Avoid watching the clock - just set the alarm and turn the clock around so you can't see the time.

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