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Viral Hepatitis

Viral hepatitis is caused by hepatitis virus infection of common infectious diseases, contagious, and transmission complex, a wide range of popular, higher prevalence and so on.

Viral hepatitis is a common infectious disease caused by hepatitis virus infection. It is contagious, and it transmits in a complex, popular and high prevalence.

The main symptoms of this disease are fatigue, fever, jaundice, vomiting, loss of appetite, hypochondriac stomach pain, liver pain, hepatomegaly and tenderness, etc. Without proper treatment and good living habits, it is easy to become cirrhosis, worse still, can lead to liver cancer

The following common types of viral hepatitis

(A) Acute hepatitis B

(B) Chronic hepatitis B

(C) Severe hepatitis

(D) Cholestatic hepatitis

How TCM treat hepatitis

For acute hepatitis, it is recommended to seek treatment from western medicine as they can prescribe antibiotic medication for quick recovery.

Chronic hepatitis can be successfully treated by TCM's treatment approach and no side effect. It may take about three or six months as a treatment cycle

This ailment, according to TCM, has the following different syndromes:

Syndrome (a)
Dampness and Heat in the Liver and Gallbladder

Chest stuffiness, dysphoria with feverish sensation, pain in the hypochondrium, adominal distension, lassitude and weakness, anorexia with aversion to greasy food, bitter taste and dry mouth, scanty dark urine, dry stools, reddened tongue with yellow and greasy fur, taut and rapid or smooth and rapid pulse.

Syndrome (b)
Stagnation of the Liver-Qi with Deficiency of the Spleen
Dull pain in the right-sided hypochondrium, general debility, anorexia, loose stools, thin and whitish fur of the tongue, deep and taut pulse.

Syndrome (c)
Stagnation of Qi and Blood Stasis
Gloomy complexion, stabbing pain in the right hypochondrium, hepatomegaly or splenomegaly, abdominal distension, anorexia, some telangiectases in the skin of face and neck with vascular spiders, liver palms, dark purple tongue sometimes marked with ecchymoses, taut and uneven pulse..

TCM employs syndrome differentiation, depending on the situation and condition of the patient, physical, sub-type, use different methods to treat hepatitis effectively.

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