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How Chinese Medicine Manage Weight Loss

Patients with overweight and obesity in North America increase tremendously. They have high risk of serious of chronic diseases including hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and diabetes.

Overweight and obesity of Chinese Medicine focus on WHOLE BODY approach and the balance of the organs rather than only focus on the control of intake of food and diet.

To induce weight loss, Traditional Chinese Medicine has three basic concepts and theories:

(1) Balanced Spleen, Kidney and Stomach. By strengthening the spleen, kidney and stomach, the body is able to digest properly and send the waste material to the intestines for proper elimination. The extra fat will not be accumulated inside the body.

(2) Increase the speed of metabolism and allow body dehumidification. The water transformation inside the body is made more efficiency and helping the body to get rid of excessive water and harmful toxic and fat accumulations

(3) Regulation of bowel movement creates a balance of consumption against elimination. It means reducing the risk of accumulating fat and waste inside the body

(A) Use of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is an effective way to treat overweight and obesity. It is used to regulate the organs. There are numerous herbal medicines, which are effective for weight loss.

(B) Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the use of needles to stimulate the body's acupuncture points, which can regulate neural and endocrine. The function of acupuncture can be explained as following:

1 to reduce appetite especially for hyperactivity of appetite. To reduced food intake and gastrointestinal absorption as well as calorie intake. As the result to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

2 to facilitate and speed up the metabolism, increase energy consumption, and finally achieve the goal of weight loss.

The acupuncture points can be in the ears and in the body. Sometimes ear-seeds are used and are kept at the top of the ear, pressing the acupuncture points before eating, to reduce appetite.

In conclusion, the purpose of acupuncture is the inhibition the sense of hunger, improve metabolism, strengthen the urination.

(C) Daily dietary advice- Chinese Medicine approach
Eating with balanced diet following the principle of Chinese Medicine will balance the organs of the body gradually. Chinese Medicine has a good system of food classification and management. Following the instructions and advice from the practitioner will increase the speed of weight loss and achieve the desired result.

(D) Therapeutic Exercise- Qigong and Tai Chi
Tai Chi is a tool for self-relaxation, physical fitness, and self-defense movement. It is slow, and is an exercise along with meditation. Tai Chi exercises regularly the energy circulation in the body, which makes its perfect balance of your body. When you practice Tai Chi, it will ultimately make you more perfect control over your body. Uniformity of breathing and energy circulation in the body will make you feel healthier.

Medical Qigong includes meditation and breathing method. With Qigong, your worry will gradually disappear, replaced by a positive image, and enhanced self-confidence. Through meditation, people get pleasure and perception, which can promote their blood and air circulation.

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