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Food Therapy

Why we are sick?
In Chinese Medicine theory, we are sick because our body loses the balance between "Yin" and "Yang". Four basic factors determine health and well being, they are: lifestyle, diet, exercise and mind. Diet is most important because diet is considered the primary cause of sickness as well as the main reason for longevity and healthy.
We are sick because our body is not in balance

Chinese food therapy is a practice of healing using natural foods instead of medication. It is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as Chinese Nutrition therapy.

Proper diet is a good medicine with treatment effect. Food can be used to adjust the imbalance of Yin and Yang. Learning dietetic therapy of Chinese Medicine is a good way to treat and prevent diseases. Cooking not only meets the needs to fill up the stomach, but also can become good medicine

Chinese food therapy dates back as early as 2000 BC. Niejing, the "Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine", written around 300 BC, was the most important in forming the basic theory of Chinese food therapy. It classified food into four "food groups", and "five tastes" by the natures and characteristics.

Food plays an important role in Chinese culture. Cooking good food for family members is a pride and duty for most women. Children are brought up with general knowledge of the nature of their daily foods. Dietary restriction is commonly understood and observed. Eating well and healthy is almost a national obsession and definitely the most valued activity of family life.


"Medicine and food are of the same source", the Neijing says.
In early days, Chinese people discovered the medicinal properties of food. Since then, food has been studied and analyzed for its medicinal effects on people. This knowledge enables us to use food as the first line of defense against sicknesses and diseases. It is only when food alone cannot solve the health problem that people seek the help from medical practitioners.

Different food have unique properties and functions influencing our body

When treating sickness, Chinese medicine practitioners use herbal remedies and acupuncture to control the problem. Herbal formulas were prescribed to meet the patient's specific conditions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs and food go hand in hand in influencing the body's energy fields. It follows that a patient's diet must align with medications taken for benefits to be realized. Once the sickness is under control, food therapy is used to continue the treatment in order to completely cure the problem. The food therapy is also used to increase and enhance self-defense and immune system and prevent future recurrence of disease.

Food therapy is particularly important and useful for patients who suffer from serious diseases such as cancer. During radiation treatment and chemotherapy, the organs and the immune system of the patient are seriously damaged along with the cancer cells. Food therapy under supervision of a Chinese Medicine practitioner can help the patient to minimize the side effects of the treatment. After the treatment, food therapy is able to amend the damage organs and enhance the patient's self-defense and immune system to prevent recurrence of cancer.
For some chronic diseases, food therapy is also effective in maintain good health and preventing the condition from getting worse.

Food therapy is most useful method for supporting patients who received damaging cancer treatment

Our practitioners are graduates from medical universities in China. Most of them have doctorate degree and master degrees. They have excellent experience in herbal medicine as well as food therapy. They are able to give best advice to our patients in food therapy to help them to enjoy a healthier life.

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