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Welcome to the wonderful world of YOGA

Yoga means "joined together."
The word comes from the ancient Sanskrit root word yug, which means "to unify.". Yoga is designed to enable people to begin from their immediate, present state of consciousness and move forward, day by day, into a state of wholeness, well being, and enlightenment. Even the beginning student is able to shed much physical tension, mental/emotional turbulence, and prepare the way for a life of higher consciousness.

Anyone can learn Yoga
Yoga embraces a wide range of disciplines whose ultimate goal is the joining of body, mind and spirit, a conscious unification into Oneness. Yoga is not a religion. People of many different faiths - Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews as well as agnostics and atheists, practice yoga because of its numerous benefits and life-enrichment. Many millions practice yoga for its asanas, its physical exercises, which are regularly acclaimed to be extraordinarily health-giving by many doctors around the world.

If yoga appeals to you, you will need to find a good teacher who can help you practice correctly and thrive. You should learn yoga in a good, peaceful and comfortable environment. No book on yoga can replace personal coaching.





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