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Kidney Health


Kidney is a very important organ. We have two kidneys in our body. They are used to filter our metabolic waste and water and then excreted out. According to the research, human being can still live even he/she has only one healthy kidney. However, if the kidney undesirable symptoms appear in a patient, most of the times, his/her kidney has been in big trouble.

Now, a large amount of patients are facing dialysis or transplant of the kidney. Therefore, everyone should be very careful and should pay good attention to kidney health. If there is any doubt, the patient should seek practitioner advice immediately. Delay in treatment may lead to rapid deterioration of the performance of the kidneys.

There are three warning signals for the un-healthy kidney:

1) Urine with blood (sometimes cloudy urine will be observed)

2) Sediment or crystals in urine (protein in the urine)

3) Urine with a lot of bubbles

It is important if you have found the above symptoms appear, you should consult your practitioner immediately. Medical analysis of Urine are used in the laboratory to find out the condition of your kidney

Blood tests also can be used to detect problems in kidney. Defective kidneys that failed to filter metabolic wastes in the blood can be discovered by blood test.

Prevention of kidney disease

1. Drink plenty of water
Drinking water is good for the kidneys. We should drink a lot of fresh water to maintain a healthy kidney

2. Eat less salt
We should take appropriate amount of salt daily to maintain good health. However, taking too much salt is much harmful to kidney. Excessive intake of salt, not only leads to hypertension and high blood pressure, it also has bad affect in kidney health. Some 40-year-old began to have high blood pressure, more or less reflects the body's ability to handle salt. They should pay more attention to extra salt intake.

3. Control of blood pressure
High blood pressure can affect renal function. We should avoid high blood pressure. It is our target to control our blood pressure systolic pressure of less than 130 and diastolic pressure lower than 80.

4 Healthy Living
According to the latest statistics, among dialysis patients, 40% of them are with diabetes indicating that diabetes is one of the main reasons for the decline of renal function. Diabetes, high-fat diet and obesity are closely related with kidney health. To maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as balanced diet and regular exercise will not only help prevent diabetes and kidney diseases, but also maintain a overall wellness

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