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Weight loss


Patients with overweight and obesity in North America increase tremendously.

Obesity is defined as "increased body weight caused by excessive accumulation of fat." People are considered obese if they weight 20 percent or more above average for their height and build. They have high risk of serious of chronic diseases including hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and diabetes. A morbidly obese person is one who weighs two or more times their ideal body weight. It is a life-threatening condition.

Western medicine focus on diet and exercises to treat overweight and obesity while Tradtional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes a holistic approach to obesity by focussing on the underlying changes in the body.

There are two reasons for overwight and obesity

1. Intrinsic genetic
In Chinese Medicine theory, overweight and obesity is closely related to intrinsic genetic same as rigid build, tall with short, physical activities, and yin or yang. However, come with ages and different development stages, there will be some significant changes.

TCM believes that there are two types of person who will get fat more easily. They are "Chill and Damp" type. Those type of people have poor overall metabolism, their body is very easy to stock wastage and further accumulate fat. They also prone to accumulation water. Those people although eating not too much, they will become fat easily.

On the contrary, people with active metabliic are refer to "dry-type" or "heat-type" type. No matter how much they eat, they have less chance of overweight and obesity.

Therefore, to maintain body balance, you can prevent overweight and obesity.

2. Eating habits

Another reason for obesity is due to dietary imbalance and excess nutrients. In this case, regulated diet is the key to weight loss.

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