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Private and group health insurance

OHIP Coverage
In Ontario , OHIP mainly covers acute-care medical services but excludes many other medical and health-care services .

Private and group health insurance coverage
However, sometimes private and group health insurance may cover some of these services, such as:

- Physiotherapy: - Covered by most insurance policy
- Chiropractic: - Covered within a small amount by most insurance policy
- Massage therapy: - Covered by most policy
- Natural therapy: - Covered by most policy
- Acupuncture: - covered by some policy
- Herbal medicine: - Not covered by most policy

The actual coverage depends on the individual insurance policy. If you are unsure if the medical services you wish to obtain is covered by your insurance policy, Sanjiu Wellness Center is well informed of major medical and group health insurance products and will be able to help. Simply bring your policy or booklet to or phone our clinic and our staff will tell you your coverage.


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