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How to manage a person with injury

Many types of injuries are unavoidable. A lot of them happen outside and in the night when the vision is bad, thus knowing how to treat them is needed. It can not only reduce the pain caused by them, but also let you heal better. The correct first-aid treatment performed by yourself can greatly increase the chance of being completely healed.

A twist with no fracture

Generally a twist is followed by swelling, pain. If within 12 hours of accident, you can apply an ice bag to the injured spot, this can reduce the level of swelling and pain. Be cautions that you should never massage, rub, pull or push the injured spot. Before consulting a practitioner, doing such things are very dangerous.

Ice Pack

Physiologically, when body temperature reduces below 20 degrees, the speed of conducting energy through nervous system will be slowed, thus reducing pain. On the other hand, the blood circulation speed is also slowed, and will help to stop swelling.

It is important to know that you should never apply the ice pack for more than 20 minutes. And that you should not use ice cubes directly from the fridge, because it might get you cold injury. Instead you should put half water half ice and apply to the injured spot.

Hot Pack

If the accident has happened more than 48 hours ago, you should apply a hot pack instead.

Hot pack can increase blood circulation, and has the function of anti-inflammation. The temperature of the hot pack should not be more than 50 degrees, or there is a chance of being burned.

If the problem still remains after several days, it is suggested to come to SANJIU Clinic for help.

Fracture and/or bleeding

Do not move and call for an ambulance.

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