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How Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you

Traditional Chinese Medicine has 5000 years of history and it has been proven to be very effective in the treatment and prevention of a number of acute and chronic illnesses. Traditional Chinese Medicine yielded good results even though formal documentation and data remains inadequate.

Fundamental to Traditional Chinese Medicine are the powerful roles that balance and harmony play in health. The ancient Chinese observed cyclical patterns of nature and acknowledged the influences that the heavens played on their daily lives. Through patient observation, they realized that all parts of the universe are interrelated. They came to understand our place within nature, recognizing how natural forces strongly influence the affairs of humankind. They understood that we are but a microcosmic reflection of a much greater whole that encompasses all the forces of nature. These forces represent the myriad faces of Qi.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is safe, holistic, and natural. It is economical, less noxious and leads to fewer side effects. Western medicine focus on curing the existing disease, but Chinese Medicine solves the root of the problem and at the same time cure the disease. The strength of Chinese Medicine lies also in prevention of recurrence of diseases.

The advantages of Chinese Medicine

1. Clinical and historical experience for thousands of years
Chinese Medicine has 5000 years of history and it has been proven by time

2. The health care function - to prolong life and improve the quality of life
Traditional Chinese Medicine has been focusing its attention to the prevention of disease, emphasizing prevention before occurrence, and stressing the premunition of the human body.

3. The wholeness concept
The theoretical system of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been formed step by step through long term clinical practice. This unique theoretical system has two characteristics:
a. The Wholeness Concept
b. Planning Treatment according to diagnosis
Holiness means unification and integrity. TCM attaches great importance to the unification and integrity of the human body and its relationship to nature. It views the human body as an organic whole. The various parts which form the body are structurally interactive, functionally harmonized, interacting with each other during the pathological state

4. Individual viewpoint
Western medicine always tries to bring the patient into their standard therapy, turning various therapeutics into the "standard" pattern. Traditional Chinese Medicine, however, views each patients as a specific case. The same symptom may vary in different patients, and they must be dealt with as individual cases in treatment and prescription.

5. Less noxious and fewer side effects
Most of the herbal medicine are food and plants. They are less noxious and have less side effect.

The Components of Traditional Chinese Medical System

a. Herbal medication and Diet
b. Acupuncture and Acupressure
c. Food therapy
d. Therapeutic exercise - Qigong and Taichi

Distinct differences between Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine

Chinese Medicine Western Medicine
Macroscopic thinking with relevant adaptation of the human body to natural environment Microcosmic thinking within the limits of human being
Observing the human body dynamically Relatively static study
Guided by systematology Guided by revivification theory
Emphasizes the spirit Emphasizes the body
Places prevention first; preventing trouble before it happens Placing treatment first, to cure the existing diseases
Strength in curing functional diseases Strength in curing organic diseases
Emphasizing on stimulating the premunition of the human body Emphasizing on medicine to cure illness of the human body
Natural medicines with less side effects Pharmaceuticals with more side effects used
Emphasizes in clinical practice Emphasizes in laboratory research

Many researches worldwide indicate that the best approach in fighting against acute and chronic diseases, such as cancer, is a joint treatment combining Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition a suitable diet, and therapeutic exercise are also recommended. Furthermore, the philosophy behind Traditional Chinese medicine may help relieve the patient's anxiety.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the ability of acupuncture and Oriental medicine to treat over 43 commonly encountered clinical disorders.

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