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Skeleton Check Up and Manipulation

Our body is supported by the skeleton, and joints connect to our bones forming our frame. Pain can be the result of "mismatch" of small or large joints. The type of pain resulted from this is endurable and blunt. Surrounding the affected location, muscle tone will build up gradually and the pain intensifies with laps of time. Anodyne and acupuncture can relieve the pain for a short period of time, but the pain always comes back. To completely relieve this type of pain, the "mismatched" joint has to be relocated to its original position by manipulation of the joint in the correct direction. It was called "Zheng-Gu"- alignment of bone - in Chinese orthopedics.

Sitting in the wrong posture from long hours of work, carrying heavy things improperly, unexpected falling or sliding can cause such "mismatch" of joints. The common affected joints are in the vertebrae and sacral-iliac joint. Those "mismatched joint" will change the dynamic of our skeleton and the tension of our muscles. As a result, upper and or lower back pain may occur. For instance, sacral-iliac joint "mismatch" or "semi-dislocation" will cause lower back pain along different length of the leg and upper back pain in the region around vertebrae T6-T8.

We experienced many different types of pain, stress, worries, heavy workload both at our job and home, lack of exercise, etc. We do not forget to provide service to our car regularly, but we are too busy to take care of our body. There should be a change in attitude towards our health. We should provide maintenance of our body from time to time, and whenever necessary.




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