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How Sanjiu Chinese Medicine Treat Diabetes

Diabetes is a common metabolic endocrinopathy (hormonal disease) related to the pancreas (leaf shaped organ in the body, which produces Insulin). Insulin is the hormone which prevents accumulation of sugar in the blood).

Causes of Diabetes:
a. Obesity often contributes to the problem because the presence of the excess adipose tissue decreases the production of insulin
b. During middle age, insulin decreases gradually
c. Anxiety can increase Epinephrine production in the body, which can:
- Block insulin secretion
- Stimulate glucagon production (glucagon is the hormone that has the opposite effect as insulin, it facilitates the release of stored sugar into blood)
- Activate glycogen breakdown (glycogen is the stored form of glucose)
d. Overeating is a common cause of elevated blood sugar, since diabetics do not have enough insulin to decrease the blood sugar level
e. Drinking and smoking can increase cholesterol level in the body, which leads to decrease in insulin production.

Signs and Symptoms:
a. There is greater than 160 - 180 mg per 100 mL or more of whole blood sugar concentration two hours after meal, and over 130 mg per 100 mL early in the morning
b. The sugar or ketoses are found in the urine two hours after meal
c. Increased hunger and sweating
- Severe thirst
- Polyuria (Increased urination) is another one of the symptoms;
- Weight loss is the symptom of chronic diabetes
d. The main complications are diabetic ketoacidosis (state of uncontrolled breakdown of fats in the body due to lack of Insulin), cardiovascular diseases, diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease due to diabetes), and peripheral neuropathy (initially dull pain and burning sensation in legs, feet and then numbness in hands, feet and legs).

Chinese Medicine Treatment
Syndrome (a) : Dryness - heat in the Lung and Stomach

- Some of the symptoms associated with this problem include fatigue, hunger, polyuria (increased urine production), dry mouth and tongue with yellowish coating, slippery and rapid pulse.
- The treatment can be done by nourishing yin and clearing away pathological (disease producing) heat.

Syndrome (b):Deficiency of the Kidney-yin
- The symptoms associated with this problem include polyuria with turbid (thick) discharge, soreness and weakness of the back, dry mouth, and tongue with red color, deep, thready and rapid pulse.
- The treatment can be done by nourishing yin and giving supplements to the kidney.

Qigong Treatment
Generally speaking, Qigong is good for healing of this specific ailment, however individual results may vary. It improves the flow of the Qi and the circulation of the blood, so you'll experience more energy, but you won't see or feel any immediate effects. As with many exercises and therapies, it takes a few weeks or even months of practice before you'll see any significant improvement.

Chinese Medicine Medicated diet
Two Pig's pancreas
Wolfberry Fruit 15g
Six Dates
Two liters of water
Cook them as the soup for one week supply; Take it once or twice a day.

- The daily diet with low fat and carbohydrate is necessary
- Try not to eat sweet food items such such as juices, cakes, and pears, etc.
- Weight loss is important for the long term treatment.
- Two times of vegetable and fruits a day is good for the diet.
- Try to sleep 7-8 hours a day to protect the yin.
- Be relaxed all the time to prevent Qi stagnation, which will suppress the functions of the pancreas.
- Daily exercise can break down the blockage in the channels, restoring the balance of Yin and Yang

Every individual encounters different health problems throughout the course of life. Some conditions are acute but minor and often they will improve by themselves or yield to simple self-management. Severe and acute conditions often makes it necessary to consult a health professional who may help provide fast relief with specific interventions.

Sanjiu(999) Chinese Medicine Clinic has world famous TCM practitioners and practitioners who can help you to diabetes and many other diseases.



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