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Electronic Dispensing Machineof Single Chinese Herbal Extract Medicine

What is the Electronic Dispensing Machine Of Single Chinese Herb?

The Electronic Dispensing Machine of Single Chinese Herb is a high-tech equipment that was invented and developed by Professor Zhao Xinxian, president of Sanjiu Enterprises Group. Hitherto it has applied for 14 patents around the world.

The machines are used extensively by the hospitals in China. This machine received attention and high praises from the leaders of China including Chairman Jiang Zemin, Chief Commission Li Peng, Premier Zhu Rongji and commissioner of the State Council Wu Yi.

This machine is the first to be installed outside China. The machine uses robotics, digital telecommunication, interpolation, voice alarm, bar-code identifications, photo-electronically data collection and network technology to make the dispensing of single Chinese herbal extract tea fully automatic while eliminating human error. The machine is controlled by the computer, as long as the practitioner input the prescription into the computer, the machine will automatically obtain the herb in the proper quantity.

Herbal extract feeding system

The herbal extracts are sent out of the machine and sorted automatically from each prescription by the transportation belt.

Total 480 cells. Each cell storing maximum 800 single herbal tea bags. The total capacity of the whole machine is to hold the maximum total 384,000 bags of herbal extract tea. Artificial intelligence, a robot arm takes the herbal extract from the storage cells.

The result of the dispensing herb will be printed including the patient identification, the practitioner's name, herbalist's name, the prescription, quantity, price of the herb, and the method of intake. This machine enables a convenient way of record keeping and it is informative for the patients in terms of their condition.

When a door is opened, the protection device will be activated and the whole machine will shut down automatically.

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