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Herbal Medicine Remedies

Chinese herbs are safe and effective
Sanjiu gives options to patients allowing them to choose between the traditional raw herbs to the modern high-tech products. The top quality raw herbs are imported direct from China. The herbal extracts come from Sanjiu China with GMP certification.

Types of Herbal Medicine

1. Raw herbs
The conventional method of applying herb therapy is by decoction - a strong "tea" made by simmering raw herbs in water. Traditionally, a specially glazed clay teapot is used to make the tea. Click here to purchase online.

Sanjiu Medical Centre builds up the most complete and high performance stock of Chinese herbs. We have a collection of over 700 types of commonly used herbs of the top quality. Patients are able to purchase raw herbs from us online. We are pleased to ship the herbs to anywhere around the world.

We offer the best quality, the best price, and the best service. Please click here to order raw herbs and other products online.

2. Cooked herbal medicine (vacuum packed)
Herbal extracts may be the easiest way to prepare herbal medicine. However, some patients prefer the original flavor of the raw herbs. To serve our patients better, we installed a computerized automatic decoction machine that is able to cook the raw herbs automatically. Then the tea is automatically vacuum packed for immediate use.


3,. Herbal Extracts
Since the decoction method is time consuming, and the taste of the decoction is unpalatable to many, herbal extracts (concentrated Chinese herbal granules) are developed. Herbal extract is a representation of a new generation of Chinese herbal products, offering a safe and convenient way of using herbal medicine. These extracts carry the same potency.

Sanjiu Medical & Wellness Centre is an industry leader in Canada that adopts the use of modernized herbal Chinese medicines in the form of instant herbal extracts which are manufactured by Sanjiu China, our parent company. Sanjiu China is the largest medical and pharmaceutical products producer in China. Click here for further information about the quality of Sanjiu's pharmaceutical products.

Sanjiu's herbal extracts are designed for professional use by Chinese Medicine practitioners, and they are not available in retail stores. Sanjiu's herbal extracts are also being used in the Clinical Research & Services Centres around the world.

4. Pulverized herbs in capsules or pills
Another type of herbal medicine is made in the form of capsules and pills similar to Western Medicine.

Prepared and pulverized herbs are usually prepared according to classical Chinese herbal formula. It is the most convenient way to take herbal medicine. However, most of the Chinese Medicine practitioners prescribe Chinese herbs to the patients according to the specific symptoms and conditions. In some situation, the effectiveness of the pulverized (patent) medicine is not as good as raw herbs and herbal extracts.

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