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How Sanjiu Traditional Chinese Medicine Help Treat Infertility

Infertility is a condition where two people attempt to conceive without contraceptives for more than two years but without success. There are four types of infertility: 1) primary infertility 2) secondary infertility 3) absolute infertility 4) relative infertility. Female infertility may be the result of irregular or no ovulation, and blocked tubes etc., while male infertility could be the result of low sperm count or having a high percentage of defective sperms. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the mechanism of infertility is due to insufficiency of kidney essence, deficiency of Qi and blood, heat in the liver and stagnancy of Qi, obstruction of phlegm and stasis of blood, coagulation of cold in womb and so on.

TCM Effectiveness and Evaluation
The treatment course lasts for at least three months. In general, one or two sessions are advised. According to the past research, In the treatment of 750 infertility cases 585 of them were successful. The curative rate (conception rate) was 78%.

This ailment, according to TCM, has many different causes. The treatment for these using herbal medicine and acupuncture is shown below.

Syndrome (a): Deficiency in Kidney
1.Bias Deficiency of kidney yang

A person with a bias deficiency of kidney yang may be tired, weak in the loins and legs, have an irregular menstruation, and have an aversion to the cold. He or she would have a deep pulse and a tongue with thin white fur.
2.Bias Deficiency of kidney yin
A patient with a bias deficiency of kidney yin exhibits lack of strength, weak loins and legs, flushing face with reddish lips, as well as heat in the palms and soles. They also have a rapid pulse, and a red tongue without fur.

Syndrome (b): Deficiency of Qi
A person with a deficiency of Qi is usually restless, with a quick pulse. His heartbeat may be decreased and feeble, while his tongue is pale.

Syndrome (c): Smouldering of liver
A smouldering (heat) of the liver causes discomfort in the chest and the flanks or a distending pain in the breasts. It may also cause a deep, taut pulse with a purple tongue.

Syndrome (d):Stasis of blood due to stagnancy of Qi
This would cause a stabbing pain in the lower belly, a discomfort in the chest and flanks, or a distending pain in the breasts. It may also cause a deep, taut pulse. The patient will exhibit a dark and purple tongue.

Syndrome (e):Humidity of phlegm
A person with humid phlegm would be obese, with preference for fatty food. He might suffer from dizziness, and tiredness. He may also have a rapid pulse, and white yellow greasy fur on the tongue.

To treat by Herbal medicine
The above can be treated by herbal medicines

Medicated Diet
1. Cervi Colla Cornus(Lujiaojiao) 15-20g, Nonglutinous Rice(Jingmi) 100g, Ginger 3 pieces. Cook the rice first, then add Cervi Colla Cornus, ginger into the pot, cook them together. Eat the gruel when it done.
2. Walnut Meat(Hetaoren) 250g, Sea Horse(Haima) 30g. Put them into yellow wine a few days, then drink the wine.
3. Stir-fried Coix Seed(Chaoyimii) 30g, Tangerine Peel(Chenpii) 6g, add appropriate quantity of rice. Cook them together, and eat the gruel.

(c) Life style
1. Maintain healthy mood.
2. Avoid spicy food, smoking, and alcohol.
3. Avoid cold water, and do not live in cold or wet environment.

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