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Pain Management

80% of adults suffer from pain
In North America, over 80% of the adult population aged 45 or above, suffer various degrees of pain-related diseases. These diseases are not chronic yet, alarmingly they result in the most lost workdays after the common cold. The fact that these diseases do not pose a critical threat leads many people to overlooking the problem. Sadly, this misunderstanding often results in decreased productivity and quality of living.

Sanjiu pain management clinic
This is what drove Sanjiu Wellness Center to establishing its Pain-management Clinic and Research Center. Our division combines Chinese and Western chiropractic wisdom into one discipline. Manipulation of the body has been practiced widely by Eastern civilization for millennia with a high success rate, thus, making it a logical compliment to modern western medicines. At Sanjiu Pain-management Clinic and Research Center, we envision a symbiotic, harmonious combination of complementary medical practices. Our finite goal is to not only to assist you in relieving pain, it is one that can also allow for a better comprehension the origin of pain-related diseases.

Non Intervention
Direct trauma and strain injuries respond well to various non-intervention treatment methods. For more than 2000 years, patients in China have benefited from non-intervention protocols. These therapies have allowed many patients to avoid the risks of invasive surgery. The following information illustrates Sanjiu's non-intervention treatment options:

1. Manipulation
Eight methods of bone manipulation and setting that are in use today with a significant degree of success. Manipulation therapy allows for the re-alignment of muscles, ligaments, and joints in traumatic injuries such as sprains, subluxations, and dislocations. Manipulation may also be used to manually reset fractures.

2. External Application
Based on an overall analysis of symptoms, the practitioner will apply different herb combinations in various stages over the area of wounded tissue. Once the herbs are absorbed directly into the skin, congestion and swelling should decrease, thereby leading to a reduction or elimination of pain symptoms.

3. Fumigation
Three different types of fumigation: smoke, steam, and bath. Wounded areas are exposed to steam that is produced by boiling a combination of herbs via decoction. For maximum effectiveness, the steam is allowed to lower in temperature before exposure to the affected tissue. In the case of bath treatment, the wounded body part is bathed in a solution containing warm herbal extracts. This method has been in use for thousands of years, in and around, China, Sanjiu is now introducing this treatment in a large scale to the western market. Fumigation therapy is noted for the promotion of blood circulation and lymph drainage.

4. Functional Exercise
In order to fully restore health after physical injury, it is essential to follow a functional exercise program in compliment to acute-care treatment programs offered by Sanjiu. Functional exercise includes specific stretching and strengthening postures and movements, intended to facilitate optimal joint range of motion, tissue strength, and tissue elasticity. Please see the Qi Gong section of this site for more information on functional exercise programs offered by Sanjiu.

For further information on individual therapeutic services offered here at Sanjiu, please reference the links conveniently located in the left-hand menu of this section. If you would prefer to inquire in person or over the phone, please click the 'Contact Us' tab located at the to of every page.

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