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Cancer preventive and supporting treatments

Cancer Treatment in Chinese Medicine

Conventional Western Cancer therapies -chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are now commonly used to treat this threatening disease. However, the side effects of these treatments have been, there as here, often highly debilitating.

The best results against Cancers
Many research indicate that the best results against Cancer are obtained by means of a joint attack combining Oriental and Western medicine, with the patient pursuing a suitable diet, Chinese yoga, and therapeutic exercise.

One result is the routine use of Fu Zhen therapy, an immune-enhancing herbal regimen, as an adjunct to chemotherapy and radiation. Fu Zhen therapy is reported to protect the immune system from damage and to increase survival rates, sometimes dramatically, when used in conjunction with the modern western Cancer therapies. The principal Fu Zhen herbs ( astragalus, ligustrum, ginseng, codonopsis, atractylodes, and ganoderma) strengthen the body's nonspecific immunity and increase the functions of the T-cells.

Herbal antitoxin therapies, also regularly used, contain many herbs that have been found to inhibit tumor growth by a variety of mechanisms. Kelp and pokeroot are among the herbs known to dissolve tumors in Chinese herbal therapy.

Sanjiu's Chinese Medicine practitioners
When seeking a doctor who practices Oriental medicine, Cancer patients need to be aware of what doctors can do and what patients can learn to do for themselves. Our Chinese Medicine practitioners, all of them were graduated in China University. They held master degrees and doctorate degrees and they are trained both in modern western medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine. They are attempting to integrate Traditional Chinese medicine with the chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery therapies. We focus also on the recovery after the western cancer therapies.

We are trying our best and devote wholeheartedly to help the patients to overcome and fight the battle, to overcome the side effect of the western medicine cancer therapies and to help them have a good quality of life during and after the treatment process.

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